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History Revisited

The Grassini Family winery is as singular as the wines crafted inside. Borrowed and adapted from 17th century southern European approaches, the winery itself is embedded in a prominent hillside with the rear opening into naturally cooling wine caves. The caves ensure humidity and temperature control, while using a fraction of hydrocarbon or electrical energy sources. This practice dates back to Roman times, when wine was stored in catacombs to take advantage of the naturally cool temperature underground.  

All the wood in the winery is reclaimed antique fir, having been milled from timbers discovered recently in the Columbia River. The timbers were used in the late 1800s to move materials downriver to lumberjack camps.  These same reclaimed timbers were used to build the handcrafted bar in our tasting room in the Wine Collection of El Paseo in the historic Presidio Neighborhood of downtown Santa Barbara. 

The entire winery and vineyard is solar powered and the water used for irrigation is from the estate‚Äôs well-fed lake.  Additionally, all water used in the wine production process is reclaimed and used to irrigate all of the landscaping surrounding the winery.  With a constant eye towards sustainability, both history and the future will be served.


"Patience is a Necessary Ingredient of Genius."

The vineyard management team works tirelessly and closely with our winemaker, Bradley Long, to ensure that every vine in the vineyard gets the kind of personal attention that will allow each precious berry to ripen to perfection.

High-density planting, vine crop reduction, hand-training and careful timing of the pick come together to produce the soft tannins and overall balance of the structure, vineyard acid levels, beautiful aromatics, and elegant mouthfeel in the resulting wine.

Each lot from the different vineyard blocks is then fermented separately in small batches to ensure proper fermentation temperatures. As in the vineyard, patience in the wine caves pays off. Both red and white wines are allowed to spend leisurely and generous amounts of time in barrel in order to mature and reach the sought-after balance.

As a result of this attention to detail, our wines accurately express the unique character of this special estate and those who work there. In the Cabernet-based wines, this approach results in the inherent power and richness of the Cabernet grape being balanced with the finesse and elegance that defines its character. In the whites, all of this work is intended to capture the typical freshness and liveliness of the Sauvignon Blanc grape and balance it with concentration and depth.